What is DRH-Sports About?

Simply put, DRH Sports is a philosophy, a way of life if you will. If that’s too ambiguous then let me break it down a little further. DRH Sports stands for ‘Down Right Hot Sports’ and its a platform where I delve into everything sports related in the greater Las Vegas area.

I’m Mike and I cannot get enough sports in my life. I’ve never been the most athletic person. In fact I would say that I am the antithesis of the word athletic. I’ve got a excessive amount of body fat and can’t say for sure If I could actually complete a forty yard dash, but I absolutely love sports. In 1980 I was six years old and my eyes were glued to the TV. My entire family was on the edge of their seats as we eagerly watch our USA hockey team take on the USSR. I can’t remember any other event that brought my entire family together, immediate and extended. All of us crammed into our living room cheering, hugging, laughing and crying. Ever since the 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’ match I wanted nothing more than to recreate that feeling over and over again.┬áThis was just the first of many unforgettable memories that I’ve created through sports.

The objective of this blog is two fold.

First, I want to provide the residents of Las Vegas with updates on whats happening in their backyard with regards to sports. I have lived in Las Vegas for the past 17 years and love this place dearly. No matter where I’ve lived I always make an enormous effort to get involved in the local sports scene. Las Vegas is unique in that we don’t have any professional sports teams, yet we’re the entertainment capital of the world. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a vibrant sports community. Believe me, there absolutely is.

Second, I want to occasionally share with you some of my best and most memorable sports experiences. There is an infinite number factors that unite people regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, upbringing or otherwise. I believe that sports is one of the most powerful uniting factors among people.

Feel free to contribute and add to leave comments regarding any of my posts. Also, if any of my personal sports stories hit close to home be sure to Contact Me. I would love nothing more than to hear all about your favorite sports experiences.